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Provision of Office Space and other Facilities

Provision of Office Space and other Facilities

Clients who do not want to operate a fully fledged office with the obvious expense requirements of rent, secretary, telephone, fax e mail etc., we can provide an office space for them which we call the "Business Centre".

If you want to use our "Business Centre" we can provide for you , your own Secretary, conference room, fax, e-mail and other individual, client tailored services.

We provide trained, qualified management assistant called ``Business Centre  Assistant`` who will always be available at the office to attend to special assignments, meetings or calls that require thorough  knowledge of your company's structure, products, order taking. This is very cost-effective way to have your business attended to in person by professional assistant who will be at your service, but not on your payroll.

We provide your Cyprus address at our location. Your mail will be received and handled per your exclusive instructions. Trained receptionist will receive any of your visitor in polite and professional manner.

We provide individual local telephone lines with its own individual number. Your call is always directed to your dedicated Business Center Secretary, who knows you and your business and will answer professionally in the name of your company or as instructed. She will receive messages, and pass them to you by phone, e-mail, fax or mail, as you prefer. Also, every phone call she answers she will be able to direct, announce and connect the call to any phone anywhere in the world. Our business hours are five days a week, Monday to Friday, from 09 am to 05 pm. Our target is to show to your callers that our environment is friendly, positive and most importantly- actively manned by your professional, local staff.

We even provide your local fax number. We receive, send and forward fax messages according to your wishes and specific instructions.

We provide your individual e-mail account on our domain, in which access can be obtained.