DemetServus Services Ltd

Management and Bookkeeping Services

We can help our clients to achieve their targets in their business. These days, great changes are taking place in all the world and which is caused by the availability and the easiness in getting information, access to the new technologies and the competitive world wide markets. There is a great need for large or small companies  to make a revision of their corporate and ownership structures, funding strategies, capital sourcing etc, We at Demetservus,  help our clients for all above by applying our knowledge and expertise combined with our approach and  skill. 

Accounting Services

Our accounting services department provides important support to both international and local clients. Our services are essential to new businesses and established companies which do not have their own accounting staff. The firm uses a multi-currency computerized system designed to meet the needs of all our clients. Our services include the preparation  of financial statements according to the IFRS rules, maintenance of accounting books and records and the preparation of periodic and annual financial statements. We advice on accounting and financial management, which is vital in today`s  business environment, and handle banking and commercial documentation for our clients.