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A professional services company in Cyprus

 Integrated solutions for you bossiness by experienced professionals 
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About Us

Demetservus Management Ltd team is made up of professionals in the who have years of experience in the field. Our company employs highly educated and experienced staff specializing in company formation  in Cyprus and internationally, fiduciary services, business and management consulting, tax planning and other administration services. We propose integrated solutions that we are able to deliver quickly and efficiently, always giving you the best professional advice.

Demetservus Management Ltd team is always alert to note and monitor any new developments, either legislative or regulatory in Europe in order to be able to give you the proper information so as for you to be able to take advantage of new opportunities.

If you are starting business activities in Europe and you are looking for a partner or if you are looking for somebody to assist you after Cyprus joined Europe, or if you are looking to explore the business  possibilities for Europe, Demetservus Management Ltd can help. With us, you are always sure you will get the best of service because we are standing at the high level of servicing.

Agisilaos E. Demetriou

Executive Director

Our executive director Mr Agisilaos E. Demetriou FCA  has established his professional firm of Chartered Accountants in Limassol on April 1980, and since then he has been giving apart from  audit and advisory services, a comprehensive range of other services.

He has a very wide range of experience ( more than forty years) in Cyprus and Europe (England, Greece, Skopia, Montenegro)  and he leads and manages a very loyal  team of well educated ,trustworthy and experienced team and who give their services with professionalism and confidentiality.  We have set out our standards to be very high and if you use our services you get excellent value for money.  We are dedicated to help you to succeed.

For an initial meeting , please get in touch with us, free of any obligation, so that we can  discuss your business need.